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So you wanna know some stuff about our very own Tux? Well I have put together a baby FAQ for you!
Q) Why did they choose a penguin over a brave and noble creature like an eagle or a shark?

Why not! At least thats what Linus Torvalds (The creator) thought. Linus was fond of penguins. Most of us are happy that Tux was the chosen one!

Q) Ok but still why did they choose a cute, overweight penguin over the tall and handsome ones we are used to seeing ?

I think this email snippet posted by Linus explains why.

"So when you think "penguin", you should be imagining a slightly overweight penguin , sitting down after having gorged itself, and having just burped. It's sitting there with a beatific smile - the world is a good place to be when you have just eaten a few gallons of raw fish and you can feel another "burp" coming."

Q) Yeah but what's the story about Linus being attacked by a ferocious penguin ?

Torvalds claims that he was attacked by a penguin while at a local zoo in Canberra some time back, which also got him infected with penguinitis. "Penguinitis makes you stay awake at nights just thinking about penguins and feeling great love for them."

But in another version of the story, Linus says that he had a close encounter but the penguin wasn't actually ferocious, and just nibbled on his finger instead.

Q) Who created the Tux image?

Larry Ewing created the initial Tux image using GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) software. Larry grants permission to use and/or modify the Tux image - but he requires you acknowledge him and The GIMP "if someone asks".

Q) So who named him Tux anyways? Is it because penguins are born to wear Tuxedo's?

Nope! But that theory doesn't sound bad :) Tux was named by James Hughes in an online contest called 'We name that penguin while Linus is not around' contest. Tux stands for

(T)orvolds (U)ni(X) --> TUX!

Few people also call him (Tux), Linnie.

Q) How is it that individuals and companies are able to tamper with the Tux image? Do they first get permission from Ewing?

Unlike corporate mascots which have strict trade marks, Tux Image is distributed under the GNU License and therefor anyone can modify it -- just like Open Source Software.

Q) Where can I get a stuffed Tux, Tux T shirt, caps etc. ?

If you didn't find them at your local zoo :), you could head down to Think Geek and order stuff.

Q) Wow this stuff is great! Where can I find more information about Tux?
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