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Tux Racer lets you take on the role of Tux the Linux Penguin as he races down steep, snow-covered mountains. Enter cups and compete to win the title! Tux Racer includes a variety of options for gameplay, including the ability to race courses in fog, at night, and under high winds.



Frozen-Bubble is a very addictive game where you play a frozen penguin who has to knock off all the frozen bubbles before the roof collapses to the ground. You can play alone or against a friend. As an added bonus you'll enjoy the funky music!



TuxKart lets you race in Tux's virtual worlds! On the tracks, you'll find Red, Silver and Gold Herring (Yum - good!), and Green Herring (Yuk - bad!) - also arrow-shaped red and black 'zippers' that give you a quick speedup.



A Quest for Herring. The Killer Whales and the Leopard Seals have hid all the herring in places far from where Penguins live. Soon, Penguins everywhere were starving and our heroes Tux and Gown immediately setout for the South Pole, leaving their duties as Linux mascots to help out their wild cousins.

Can our remaining heroic Penguin find the missing Herring? Will our feathered friends be reunited in the final reel? Their fate is in your hands.


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